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  • *Ruger® trigger internal upgrades *Ruger® trigger internal upgrades
    Developed to replace the internal parts of the Ruger® 10/22® polymer trigger unit, these enhanced internals substantially improve the feel and function of your factory trigger. At a substantial cost savings and with only minor gunsmithing talent you can achieve a finely honed trigger assembly. The difference in the KIDD quality machined components is distinct.
  • *Single Stage *Single Stage
    Utilizing the industry standard single stage trigger geometry, this assembly brings fit and finish to a preeminent level. There is no detectable movement before the precise break. The weight adjustability of the unit with the turn of a screw is unmatched in the industry. Even the external contours of the machined unit hint at its refinement.
  • *Two Stage *Two Stage
    For 20 years, the undisputed flagship trigger for the 10/22® has been our KIDD two stage trigger. This trigger allows customers to have the finest trigger pull in the industry. Placed in the capable hands of a good shooter can be the difference in holding the X ring or not. It is a superior mechanism for target shooting, not an over priced wannabe.
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