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January-March 2007

The Varmint Hunter Magazine

Kidd Innovative Designs by Steve Malloy

This is a portion of the article "KID's Completion Kit would have to be rated as an excellent choice for upgrading the old 10/22®. The trigger system is first rate and can be adjusted to anyone's needs. Its two-stage trigger pull was something to get used to but was a pleasure to shoot, being smooth and extremely light." "This rifle set-up was heavy but there has to be a tradeoff somewhere, as one does not see this type of accuracy from light barrel versions on a consistent basis. All components of the upgrade kit worked very well, with no problems observed. Nothing broke, had to be replaced, or had to be sent back to the manufacturer to be fixed during testing. Also, this system had way more rounds put through it in testing than a typical shooter would shoot in a while and it was not babied or cleaned during the entire length of testing. The kit was taken out of the box, installed, and put to use! I have used just about every manufacturer's target upgrade for the 10/22® system over the last few years. KID products are top of the line and perform very well in the field. KID's trigger pack is a must for your 10/22®, even if you already have a heavy barrel setup to start with.

I have always said that a rifle is only as good as its trigger for accuracy work. If you are considering an upgrade of that old 10/22® riding around in the truck, or are building a tack driver to be used in serious competition, Tony Kidd products deserve some attention. Shooters will know the difference."

"The late Jim Clark Sr. was, to the best of my knowledge, one of the first gunsmiths in the business to realize the accuracy potential of the Ruger® 10/22® semiauto rimfire rifle in a heavy barrel conversion. Ruger®'s 10/22® format like that of the AR-15, is one of the most accessory-oriented systems in the firearms industry today. Hundreds of items are now cataloged, along with many top gunsmiths offering upgrades from fancy to match potential for the little 10/22®.

In 1998, Tony Kidd established KID (Kidd Innovative Design) with a mission of building and maintaining the most reliable and accurate products possible for the 10/22® aficionado. Tony has an extensive background in the gunsmithing and competition area, having been the chief pistolsmith for the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit between 1994 and 1998.

Tony's work began to stand out when Troy Lawton defeated Lones Wigger for the national small-bore rifle silhouette championship in 1996. The standout importance in this match was Troy Lawton used a modified 10/22® Ruger® against Lones Wigger's bolt-action, proving the little Ruger® exceptionally accurate. Until that time, small-bore silhouette-type matches had been dominated by Anschutz bolt-action rifles. At the time, Troy was using a prototype two-stage match trigger system built by Tony Kidd. Tony finally got him match trigger into production, and the rest is history. Tony did not stop there, as he continued to develop a whole series of accessories for the 10/22® that con be found at www.coolguyguns.com.

In this product test I received was Tony calls the Completion Kit. This kit consists of a KID two-stage trigger system, bolt buffer, 20-inch match barrel, and a KID receiver pin kit."
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