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KIDD Threaded Receiver Pins With Countersink Tool

Part Number:73
KIDD Threaded Receiver Pins With Countersink Tool
Threaded receiver pins with countersink tool
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  • Upgrade your 10/22® receiver with our threaded pins
  • Includes 82 degree countersink-for slight alteration of the receiver

Eliminates excessive factory tolerance of pin to receiver fit. Stabilizes trigger guard to greatly enhance bedding stability. After this innovative KIDD product is installed the problem of tipping your barreled action to the side and the receiver pins fall out then the trigger falls on the floor --will be solved! Requires countersinking of receiver pin holes. 

Package Includes:
82 degree countersink
two threaded receiver pins
4 screws
short arm hex wrench
5 Stars
Easy Install / Perfect Results
If you're like me, at first you may be a little nervous about "drilling" into your receiver. Rest assured, it is VERY SIMPLE to accomplish with fantastic results. My first time doing this, I countersunk two receivers in under 10 minutes, including pulling out the drill and putting it away. Kidd has a video online that shows just how easy it is. You can watch it on You Tube. I can't link it here, but just Google "KIDD threaded receiver pin assembly" -- The video is 4:55 long The bit he supplies works quickly and gives a smooth result. I just kept my hand-held drill at a low speed, applied basically only the weight of the drill for pressure and pulled away every 5-10 seconds to drop the supplied screw into the countersunk hole to check to see if it sat flush with the receiver. Once the screw sat flush, I moved on to the next hole. It is a great feeling to modify your own receiver so easily, inexpensively, quickly and with what I would certainly consider professional results. KIDD also sells the threaded pins without the countersink bit. Once you have the purchased the pins kit with the bit, you can buy just the threaded pins so you don't have to pay for multiple bits. The pins add great rigidity to the receiver / trigger group fit and they don't fall out the second you pull the stock off like the OEM pins do. Removing them for cleaning and re-installing after cleaning is very simple (KIDD included the hex keys). I highly recommend this kit and I will be putting this kit into every 10/22 I own.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from San Diego. on 4/4/2016
5 Stars
I recently purchased a 1979 carbine & the aluminum trigger housing had quite a bit of slop where it mounted to the receiver. This kit cured it & the entire assembly is solid as Gibraltar!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Hawaii. on 12/22/2013
5 Stars
I have two 10/22 and one of them my trigger always moved around a little, it was not snug fitting like it should be. I tried buying new pins from two different company's and either fixed my problem. When I saw these my first impression was wow way too expensive, but what could I do? And the other thing was I didn't want to make any permanent modification to my receiver. But I couldn't find any other way to fix my trigger. So I bought them. And guess what I am so so glad I did. They are worth every cent. They keep the trigger and the receiver together like they are one unit. The countersink that you do the the receiver is very slight. And very easy. I will be doing this to all my 10/22s from now on. Again I am very pleased with the quality and functionality of this and all KIDD products. Thanks KIDD for another great product.
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Reviewed by:  from Chehalis WA. on 12/14/2012
5 Stars
A Must Have | Quality Product
I purchased this kit after installing my KIDD Trigger Job Kit, and noticing some play between the receiver and trigger guard! I took my time with the countersink and it was a breeze. What a difference this makes. Rock solid.
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Reviewed by:  from Eugene, OR. on 8/7/2012
5 Stars
I had some very noticable play between my trigger assembly and receiver. After installation, it feels like one piece. I used an electric drill and made several passes with the countersink on each hole, checking the depth with the screw frequently. Easy to install and another quality product from KIDD! I have purchased several parts from KIDD and I would not put any other manufacturers part in my 10/22, period...
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Reviewed by:  from Charlotte NC. on 4/7/2012
5 Stars
Simple solution
Installed these on a stock receiver today. Works as advertised. These are little screws; don't lose them! I countersunk the holes in the receiver by hand. Not a problem to do so and there is less danger of going too deep. If you do use a power drill, go slowly. Another fine Kidd product.
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Reviewed by:  from Gettysburg PA. on 12/23/2011

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