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KIDD Guide Rod & Spring Kit

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KIDD Guide Rod & Spring Kit
Guide Rod and Spring Kit
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  • Upgrade the guide rod and spring in the 10/22® bolt handle assembly
  • Includes guide rod
  • Interchangeable tuning springs:                                                                      (white spring=standard, red spring =10% increase, no color=10% decrease)

Precision ground guide rod is made from hardened tool steel and held to 2/10,000" tolerance throughout its entire length. The rod is nitride treated which gives its surface a 70C rockwell (harder than a file) surface hardness. Guaranteed the smoothest and slickest guide rod in the industry.  The three springs come in varying tensions for the ultimate modification.  With this kit, KIDD provides a standard spring tension then includes, a 10% lighter and 10% heavier spring for tuning your cycling.  We recommend that the KIDD Bolt Handle also be purchased with this kit in lieu of trying to cut the factory bolt assembly.

Packaging includes:
guide rod
three tuning springs
5 Stars
You don't realize how warped the old guide rod is until you take it out and look at it. I didn't buy the cocking handle so I cut the old rod and slipped the factory handle on the new rod. Works like a charm and wow the action is super smooth now.
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 9/26/2013
5 Stars
The quality of this rod and spring kit just could not be better. You just cant know until you hold this guide rod and the factory one in your hand. The factory rod has a visible bow to it, while the Kidd rod is totally straight. The surface of the rod and spring is so smooth it moves silently with no oil, and collects hardly any powder residue even after hundreds of rounds. Install this and cycle the action a few times and you will know you made a great purchase.
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Reviewed by:  from Washington State. on 1/18/2013
5 Stars
Give my 10/22 much more positive feeding. solved my 10/22s FTF problem. Much better than OEM parts.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Coatesville Pennsylvania. on 2/7/2014
5 Stars
Target Shooter; 10/22 Hobbyist
The KIDD Guide rod really smoothed out the action. The ability to tune your action to your ammo is very nice also.Although I leave the subsonic spring in all the time. If I were to shoot CCI Stingers I might go up to the 10% extra power spring.
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Reviewed by:  from Bristol,VA 24201. on 3/13/2015
5 Stars
Guide Rod & Spring Kit
Can't believe there isn't hundreds of reviews praising this Guide Rod & Spring Kit. 5 Stars.
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Reviewed by:  from Tallahassee. on 9/21/2012
5 Stars
Kidd parts are quality
Much of Ruger's factory original parts work, but can, and should be made to higher quality. the Kidd spring and rod are one perfect example. the ruger's handle is short, the rod is bent, painted and gritty, and the spring is cheap and unevenly compresses. the Kidd bolt is longer, the rod is smooth and perfectly straight, and the three included springs compress evenly. it not only makes for a smoother action mechanism, it allows me to feel every shot, giving me feedback on each round fired. I shoot about 500 rounds per week.
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Reviewed by:  from California. on 4/16/2017
5 Stars
Buy it
Buy it, it will make you smile. Adds great diversity to your rifle and the ammo you shoot.
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Reviewed by:  from Sandwich,IL. on 2/16/2013
5 Stars
Quality part
Much smoother action bolt just glides no hang ups rough feeling travel it's all been eliminated highly recomend this upgrade
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Reviewed by:  from South east Ohio . on 8/8/2018

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