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KIDD Aftermarket Rifle Barreled Action Classic Slip-Fit with Build Options

Part Number:18-2
KIDD Aftermarket Rifle Barreled Action Classic Slip-Fit with Build Options
KIDD Aftermarket Rifle Barreled Action Classic Slip-Fit with Build Options
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Choose Options

Barrel Length, Finish, and Muzzle Threading Option
trigger unit
bolt color & finish
REAR TANG (added stability)
help us select the correct slope (low/lower/lowest) of your rear tang
2nd MOA SCOPE BASE (interchangeable with installed Zero MOA base)
FFL information
  • Great combination-KIDD barrel and KIDD receiver!
  • Purchase a KIDD Barreled Action and skip the barrel installation
  • Receiver comes standard with the following KIDD items: Zero MOA scope base, v-block, buffer, receiver pins, take down screw

This is our .22LR receiver coupled with our .22LR barrel. The KIDD Classic Receiver is an aftermarket receiver that is intended to replace a 10/22® receiver or used to build a KIDD .22LR rifle from the "ground up". It is a slip-fit design with industry standard dimensions. The Classic is designed with the easy access rear cleaning hole and a proprietary  interchangeable low scope base with varying minute of angle (MOA) available. The Zero MOA comes installed on the receiver and is great for 50 yards and under 20 MOA is helpful for 150 yards and over. When purchased, it will come with v-block, takedown screw, receiver pins and buffer. It is designed to drop into a 10/22® stock without any modification. This receiver is milled out from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized either black or clear. On this page we have provided many drop down boxes to allow the customer to "build" a barreled receiver, a barreled action or anywhere in between.

 A note about our optional rear tang, it will increase the stability of the rifle but may also require some custom inletting to the stock depending on which stock is used.

 Both the scope base and rear tangs have mating designs to the receiver so that our rifles have great rigidity as well as some customization aspects.

Special Federal Shipping Rules Applicable to Receivers/Barreled Actions/Rifles:

We are required to send this barreled action to your local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer).  That is why we have the comment box above this description with the required information for your FFL name/phone#/email address.  This is the only place that needs your FFL's information.  

Please do not use your FFL shipping information during checkout.  Your billing and shipping information required during checkout of this product is your identifying information with your credit card company and will likely be declined if you use the FFL shipping address.

After your order is placed, we will reach out to your FFL and get a copy of their license which we then verify with the ATF before shipping.  

Once your FFL receives your order, you will need to go to your FFL in person to fill out form 4473.  

(Note: Listed above are the federal rules for purchasing.  There are some states with extra steps involved)

Must be 18 or older to purchase a rifle barreled action.

5 Stars
After receiving my Barreled Action (18" heavy barrel, no fluting, no taper, no threading, 2 pound trigger), I installed it into a stock just like Kidd uses on their complete builds, scoped it, and proceeded to break in, which may or not have been necessary. Fired 500 rounds of Federal Champion blue box. I have zero intention of using this ammo for competition, so I just had fun shooting rocks in a berm and rapid firing. I had 1 failure to cycle and 1 failure to fire but this was bulk ammo and had nothing to do with the rifle. I then cleaned the barrel and re-fouled it with five more rounds. Then began the testing. Test setup was said rifle, 10 power scope, bipod on the front, and sock filled with rice to help hold the rear. All strings were 10 shots at 50 yards. S&K Standard Plus, S&K Rifle Match and Wolf Target Extra performed the best. .3" groups. I have no doubt in a machine rest the groups probably would have been .25". Aguila Rifle Match, Eley Club and Wolf Target Match were acceptable, at .4-.5". RWS Rifle Match was the surprising loser, as it grouped terribly and was the most expensive I bought, but this is part of the smallbore game - figuring out what ammo matches the rifle. Bulk ammo grouped as expected. CCI Standard and Aguila Super Extra Standard grouped .5" with 1 or 2 obvious fliers. And did you notice that I did not even bother with the truly high end ammo? How would Lapua Center X, Midas+, or X-Act have grouped? I can only imagine. A semi-auto that can compete with an entry level competition rifle is ... OUTSTANDING! If you are reading this, ditch your other semi-auto. Buy a Kidd. Buy a Kidd.
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Reviewed by:  from Mesa, AZ. on 5/24/2019
5 Stars
Slip fit receiver
I built my dream 1022 starting with the Kidd innovation receiver and slowly added more Kidd parts to it till it was a complete rifle money well spent. I use it in league coumpatishion and have had zero issues could not be happier with this product. If you are interested in building a quality accurate 1022 go for it
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Reviewed by:  from Greensburg. on 2/14/2019
5 Stars
more Kidd perfection
So clean, no milling marks, so pretty and a perfect match to my Kidd UL barrel. I was able to mill the rear tang into my Magpul stock fairly easily with my drill press, a forstner bit, and a simple drill press clamp. another brilliant 10/22 upgrade.
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Reviewed by:  from washington. on 9/13/2017
5 Stars
My wife and granddaughter have shot these rifles in for two years in Rimfire Challenge. Both have 16.5 Ultra light barrels. Both use Boyd Evolution stocks. My wife has a single stage trigger set at 1.5 pounds. My granddaughter has a two-stage trigger set at 6/6. They each swear by the triggers and both are very competitive in their respective divisions. I'm already starting to build two more for the other grandkids because they aren't satisfied with their current weapons and are demanding upgrades. They it out of the park with these rifles. Highly recommended, especially for kids.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Toney, AL. on 3/7/2017
5 Stars
KIDD Barreled Action
I received my KIDD barreled action in August 2016. This barreled action came with everything except the stock. I got the 20" barrel, .920 with the bench rest trigger, I believe it is 2 oz per stage. I already had a Bell & Carlson Anschutz stock waiting for it. Two days later I was at the range with some SK Standard Plus and Wolf Match Target ammunition. The SK ammo shot well but not near as well as the Wolf Match. I have some Eley in black, blue and red boxes that I will also try out. I can't image the Eley shooting any better than the Wolf Match, but I'll give it a try. I sighted it in at 50 yards and will be moving out in increments to 300 yards in a couple of weeks. I have seen a lot of good reviews on this rifle but you just don't realize how great the rifle is until you have your own. The rating here is only 5 stars, but I feel it is much more than that.
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Reviewed by:  from Richmond, Tx. on 9/4/2016
5 Stars
I ordered a new KIDD receiver with the 16.5" Ultra lite barrel for my wife. Ridiculous customer service. It arrived so fast and package perfectly. I was hoping it would be lite but instead it is VERY lite. I already had all of the other KIDD parts and swapped everything over to give my bride a beautiful new rifle that I may rid the world of a few tree rats with from time to time. Keep up the great work.
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Reviewed by:  from Parma Heights, OH. on 3/19/2016
5 Stars
Amazing. Just Amazing.
If I had not seen it with my own eyes/shot it with my own trigger finger, I would not have believed how accurate a semi-auto .22 could be. I have the 18" fluted bull barrel, with Kidd receiver, bolt, charging rod and handle, an Archangel stock, and Nikon scope. After a few mags to break in, I was shooting ragged holes at 50 yards, and 1" groups at 100 yards (all 10-shot groups). This rifle will - literally - shoot flies at 50 yards. While I was shooting, I saw (through my scope) a fly land on my target. I thought, why not: 1 shot, 1 splat. Along with the accuracy, Kidd products are beautifully made. The quality of machining, fit and finish makes them as much works of art as fine firearms. Top it all off with outstanding and responsive customer service, and you just can't go wrong. The only "issue" I have is that Kidd products are addictive. I WILL be back for more, despite the impact on my wallet.
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Reviewed by:  from Northern VA. on 6/10/2015
5 Stars
in the zero's
outstanding accuracy.18 inch lightweight barrel,harrell tuner,boyds evo stock,hall one piece rest,pillar and bedded,rear tang,best 5 shot group at 50 yds. so far is .077 center to center with lapua midas + ammo. my other 1022 can't out shoot that.
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Reviewed by:  from twin rocks,pa.. on 10/19/2013
5 Stars
Kidd 22
Precision product,the trigger is smooth as glass,I want another trigger group for my USA Shooting Team rifle. Thanks for such a tidy gun,with clean cut engraved name on the gun. In the business world customer support is number one and i feel that will be the case with this company...Thxs OJS
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Reviewed by:  from Southwest,Mississippi. on 12/31/2011
5 Stars
New KIDD's on the Block.
First off,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the whole bunch of you folks at your shop.I have told Mary that i was blown away with your service,and your products are outstanding.I am no rookie when it comes to firearms and i really enjoy working with products that do what their suppose to do ,Kidd products go well beyond that.I have attached some pictures,s of the Kidd,s at my shop.Also a couple of rf bolt guns,if you have tack driver semi autos,you should have bolt guns to match..Thanks for your great service,and help ....Herb
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Reviewed by:  from MO. on 12/22/2011

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