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KIDD Aftermarket Receiver Scope Base With Fitted Slot

Part Number:96
KIDD Aftermarket Receiver Scope Base With Fitted Slot
Black and silver KIDD aftermarket receiver scope base
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Acknowledgment that this base will only fit on a KIDD receiver
Intend to install on KIDD receiver
  • Picatinny scope base for the KIDD .22 receiver
  • MOA Options: zero,  10, or 20 
  • will not work with any receiver except KIDD

These scope bases will mate with the slot cut on the KIDD Classic or Supergrade receiver models. The greater the minute of angle or MOA the farther the customer can shoot. The theory being that a 20 MOA scope base will slightly cant your scope downward, so when you "zero" your rifle your barrel will actually being pointed upwards which is helpful for a .22 rimfire trying to hit a target past 100 yards. This increased MOA scope base may not be necessary if your scope has enough vertical adjustment.

Package includes:
scope base
three screws
hex wrench

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