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KIDD Aftermarket .22LR Receiver Classic Slip Fit Model

Part Number:18
KIDD Aftermarket .22LR Receiver Classic Slip Fit Model
KIDD Aftermarket Receiver
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Black (Expect to ship Feb 18, 2021)
Silver (Expect to ship Feb 18, 2021))
v-block [+22.00]
black take down screw [+6.00]
silver take down screw [+6.00]
buffer added [+5.95]
receiver pins [+21.98]
REAR TANG (added stability)
Yes (stock will need additional inletting [+22.00]
2nd BASE (interchangeable with installed Zero MOA)
10 MOA [+32.95]
20 MOA [+32.95]
FFL name & phone #
  • 10/22® style aftermarket slip fit receiver
  • durable anodized finish
  • billet aluminum
  • rear access cleaning hole
  • optional v-block, rear tang, take down screw, bolt buffer, and pins
  • specialized interchangeable scope base
  • Receiver comes standard with Zero scope base installed

The KIDD .22LR Classic Receiver is an aftermarket receiver. It is a slip-fit design with industry standard dimensions. The Classic is designed with the easy access rear cleaning hole and interchangeable low scope base with varying minute of angle (MOA) available. Zero MOA is great for 50 yards and under 20 MOA is helpful for 150 yards and over. It is designed to drop into a stock inletted for the 10/22® without any modification. This receiver is milled out from 6061 T6 aluminum and anodized either black or clear.

We have provided the option to build this receiver with receiver pins, bolt buffer, or rear tang if desired. The receiver is machined to utilize our threaded receiver pins. Our upgraded bolt buffer will cushion the felt recoil of the bolt. The optional rear tang will increase your stability of the rifle but require some custom inletting to your stock. (See rear tang installation instruction below) We also have the additional option of a second scope base due to the interchangeable nature of this base you may want to purchase two. So for instance, if you were going to change from shooting 25 yards to 150 yards and your scope needed some help with that adjustment, you could switch out the base. Both the scope base and rear tangs have mating designs to the receiver so that our rifles have great rigidity as well as some customization aspects.

Special Shipping Rules Applicable to Receivers:
We must ship this receiver to a local FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer). Please list your FFL's address or contact information in the text box provided. Normally, your local FFL will fax (830-557-4487) or email their license to us. We can not ship a receiver without a verified FFL. Once received we will ship your receiver and in order to pick it up from the local FFL an ATF form 4473 must be completed.

You must be over 21 to purchase this product.

Rear tang installation instructions:
Tool: 1/2" bit
After measuring part give (+) .030 on the Z axis and (+) .005 on the X and Y.
5 Stars
Unbelievable Quality and Craftsmanship!
I ordered the silver receiver with a 20 MOA scope rail after my original Ruger receiver screw holes stripped out. Simply put, there was no other company I will go to for 10-22 parts. The new receiver looks so good that I felt bad shooting it for the first time, but after I looked at it completely assembled, it just begged to be used. The machining and tolerances are so far beyond the original Ruger receiver that they barely deserve comparison. One of the biggest benefits for me is the cantilevered scope rail, which allows me to mount my scope much further forward than with the original and allows proper eye relief. I have ordered more parts from Kidd then I can count, and I recommend them to everyone I know with a 10-22. All in all, I simply cannot recommend this more! I hope that if you're in the market for a new receiver, you'll check these out. You will not be disappointed!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Phoenix, AZ. on 5/29/2014
5 Stars
Black slip fit receiver
If you are building a Ruger 10/22 receiver don't. Complete the rest of your Kidd 10/22 with a quality receiver it's worth every penny. I tried to compare a Kidd receiver to a Ruger receiver but the quality of the Kidd receiver is in a class all by itself. Excellent work keep it up. Thanks.
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Reviewed by:  from New Franklin Mo.. on 10/11/2014
5 Stars
Beautiful Upper
I ordered my Kidd upper and had it two days later. My FFL dealer could not believe this we for a 10/22. Installation was a breeze, the worst part was removing the stock upper receiver from the barrel, but a few minutes in the oven and a rubber mallet took care of that. The Kidd receiver slipped right on with no issues. The screw in "pins" are awesome and everything locks up tight. I have the upper paired with the Kidd bolt, cocking assembly and, buffer. Smooth as glass.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Houston Texas. on 7/16/2014
5 Stars
I own 3 ruger 10 22 bull barrel rifles, I've always wondered what was the big deal with Kidd barrels. My concept changed when I bought a Kidd barrel and receiver. Item was way more accurate than my 3 ruger rifles!!! What made me change is the drive on having an accurate 22 lr long rifle and the selling point on kid, "Why be average?". I think all rifle enthusiasts thrive for is accuracy and precision, item has bought and quality is way more solid than my ruger 10 22. Also, company has awesome customer service, thanks!!!
Did you find this helpful?  20 of 20 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Knoxville, TN. on 6/16/2016
5 Stars
Superior Quality
The fit and quality are perfect.This is not like the pot metal receiver that comes with your factory rifle.This is the real deal.A must for a custom build.
Did you find this helpful?  19 of 19 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Grove,Ok. on 8/22/2013
5 Stars
Fantastic Receiver
I normally work with Ruger receivers but have handled and worked with others. This is the best receiver you are going to find for the money and I wonder how they make such a quality product for $200. The finish is hard and attractive. Everything fit and funtioned and the gun turned out great. Makes me want to start another with a Kidd receiver.
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Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh, PA. on 10/4/2012
5 Stars
What a shooter I have the Kidd, barrel and trigger, with Eley, target I'm shooting 0.260" at fifty yards and that's with some wind, the gun will do better. Thanks Kidd. Kenny
Did you find this helpful?  17 of 17 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 11/18/2011
5 Stars
WOW !! what a great value
What a great value. the quality of this receiver is unreal i would buy anything KIDD.. His quality blew me away! You won't do any better WITH ANYONE ELCE ! and I have seen the other Guys stuff....
Did you find this helpful?  9 of 9 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Rockford Illinois. on 8/2/2012
5 Stars
great receiver
this receiver is second to none. the barrle fits very tightly. i tappedit in with a rubber mallet. everything is perfect on this action. i even put the rear tang on and it fit super snug. this receiver is a piece of art work.
Did you find this helpful?  8 of 10 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from kentucky. on 3/24/2016
5 Stars
I bought a receiver, trigger and scallop and have fun shooting. Will buy another receiver from Kidd.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 8 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Houston Texas. on 9/13/2014

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