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KIDD .22LR Match Stainless Steel Rifle Bull Barrel

Part Number:42
KIDD .22LR Match Stainless Steel Rifle Bull Barrel
Polished and Bead Blasted bull barrel without muzzle threading
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Barrel Length, Finish, and Muzzle Option
  • Aftermarket 10/22® barrel
  • Slip-fit design
  • HAND LAPPED individually
  • 11 degree crown, 1:16 twist, convex extractor slot
  • 1/2" at 50 yards 5 shot group guarantee
Our aftermarket replacement for the .22LR bull barrel is the ultimate performer in accuracy. Our stainless steel material along with our unique manufacturing procedures guarantee that our match barrel will group 1/2" at 50 yards. This bull barrel will slip into your Ruger® 10/22® receiver or other aftermarket 10/22® receiver. It comes in three lengths 20", 18", 16.5" and the stainless steel finish is offered in a polished or bead blast. The best things about these match bull barrels are their simplicity. They tend to be more nose heavy then our other barrels but in this way they create an advantage while target shooting. The advantage is created by slowing down the movement of the rifle as a whole. When the rifle movement is slow the target appears for a longer amount of time in the scope.

Barrel weight:
20" match barrel= 3 pounds 5 ounces
18" match barrel= 3 pounds 3 ounces
16.5" match barrel= 3 pounds 1 ounce
We believe these are the finest barrels on the market, each one is hand lapped. Our stainless steel barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany. Tony Kidd then performs all the final machining to make our match barrel a worthy KIDD product. A proprietary chamber reamer is used to ensure the cartridge and bullet feed smoothly. Our barrels are chambered to accept .22 LR ammo and have a 1:16 twist. Our muzzle threading is 1/2"-28 and is available with a protective cap.

The unique convex extractor slot eliminates extraction problems by ensuring the extractor is always in perfect alignment with the case rim. Why doesn't everybody use this extractor slot? Because the tooling is very expensive and requires tolerances be held very close for proper machining. Each barrel receives an 11 degree crown and the double ring at the muzzle end with KIDD marked on the barrel.
We can offer such a great price on this barrel because we don't sell to distributors, only retail and dealer pricing are offered, therefore we don't have to increase our price to compensate for 3 tier pricing. There are cheaper barrels out there but as with all KIDD products, "you get what you pay for."

Avoiding "barrel droop":
First and foremost barrel droop is eliminated with a solid fit between the barrel and the receiver. If the barrel slips in too easily then the shooter should already be aware that there is not a secure fit and gravity will start doing her work immediately. Or if the barrel tenon is not the same diameter throughout the length then a teeter totter effect is set in motion. For instance if the breach end of the tenon is smaller than the shoulder end the weight of the barrel will "pull" the barrel down and barrel droop is created. Or if the breach end of the tenon is larger than the shoulder end then as the tenon is installed in the mortise the breach carves a larger hole and again a teeter totter effect is created as the smaller shoulder end of the tenon sits is a hole that is too large. This same effect would happen if the middle of the barrel tenon was enlarged.

KIDD eliminated barrel droop with the utilization of a resistance fit in this mortise and tenon joint, meaning that the KIDD barrel tenon is just slightly larger in diameter than the KIDD receiver mortise and we make absolutely certain that the tenon is the same diameter throughout the length.

Another problem area to be aware of is the proper utilization of the shoulder. If the shoulder of the barrel does not set flush against the receiver then again the support isn't there. Comparable to setting down a tall glass with a convex bottom, it wants to tilt. We make certain that the shoulder created between the .920" diameter and our tenon is precise. This requires specialty cutting tools to create a very clean step. But if done with less care there will be a ramp rather than a step between these two differing diameters. This ramp will not support the necessary weight and will prevent the shoulder of the barrel from sitting flush against the receiver.

When this barrel fitment is secure we recommend the v-block screws just need to be snug, around 10 inch pounds, which is just snug enough to keep the barrel from moving forward, but not too tight to pull the barrel out of alignment.

Barrel installation:

Depending on your receiver, if there is paint build up in the receiver mortise be sure to scrape that out. We recommend using an anti-seize compound to assist in installation. Anti-seize is readily available at automotive stores. It is best if you can get the barrel tenon started into the receiver mortise, then turn it over and tap the back of the receiver with a rubber mallet. Be sure to line the extractor slot up as you are installing the barrel. Your barrel is ready to shoot, just run two magazines through it before you really start looking at group size. Do this each time you change brands of ammunition as well. Keep the chamber clean, but don't clean the bore too much you will decrease accuracy. Depending on the ammo, clean the bore around every 500 rounds.

5 Stars
Awesome Barrel
Bought this barrel and it's worth every penny! I get .3 to .5 groups. Install note: my barrel was going to be a tight fit but a simple step can make things much easier.. I placed the receiver outside in the sun to warm it up and placed the barrel in the freezer for about an hour.... then the Barrel installed with ease. Purchase and enjoy!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Lexington NC. on 3/21/2014
5 Stars
Minute of squirrel eye
Bought a 16.5" barrel to get the best accuracy possible out of my custom 10/22, the only thing left of the original gun is the receiver and bolt. My hunting partner wants me to order a barrel for him because mine is "minute of squirrel eye" at any distant up to 100 yards. A lot of shots are at 45-65 yards with a target area the size of a quarter at best. This was one of the wisest purchases that I have made.
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Reviewed by:  from Tucson, AZ. on 6/6/2014
5 Stars
Superb Barrel
WOW...can't wait to see what this does after it's broken in. After sighting in the gun with 40 rounds I put up a new target and placed 20 rounds of CCI Mini Mags into a dime sized hole at 50 yards! Barrel was a real tight fit going into the receiver even after freezing for a couple hours and applying some anti-seize. After many strikes with a rubber mallet to the receiver it finally seated perfectly.
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Reviewed by:  from Duxbury, MA. on 3/30/2014
5 Stars
Shoots Good
This barrel out shoots my other competition match grade barrel on other 10/22 that I own. I give it five stars. .24" groups at 40 yrds.
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Reviewed by:  from Vian oklahoma. on 8/23/2013
5 Stars
18" bull barrel
I don't post reviews much but this work deserves acknowledgement even if from a small town guy looking to hunt squirrel suppressed. The factory barrel never shot bad (under 1/2") but I was needing a threaded barrel and figured I would just buy an aftermarket barrel instead of getting the original threaded. I am impressed-it shoots 1 ragged hole if I try!!!! Love it and money well spent
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Reviewed by:  from Union grove, nc. on 9/10/2015
5 Stars
weekend shooter
barking barrel! Hogue stock kidd trigger 5 shot .30 @50 with Wolf MT
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Reviewed by:  from san antonio. on 12/24/2015
5 Stars
It's been an amazing experience building a rifle with this barrel With the first few 25 round mags, I made sure the action all worked and the scope reasonably sighted in. After that, I let my son go through more than a handful of 50rnd 22LR boxes, several hundred rounds. He gave it back to me after all that. Somewhere along the way, the accuracy and repeatability settled it. Amazing! Too lazy to call "Cold" at the range to change target papers, I decided to shoot out all the targets my son had been on. I found that it was so accurate I can shoot out the staples used to post targets. 5 shots at 3 staples, and the paper target dropped to the ground. Then another and another... 50 yards out and I can hit a staple when I wanted to (1.5 lbs trigger). All Kidd parts except for the polymer trigger housing. Thx for such an awesome experience.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Southeast US. on 3/29/2015
5 Stars
20" Bead Blast Stainless Barrel
This Kidd barrel I have will shoot SK Pistol Match exceptionally well. About a week ago in windy 10-20mph winds I shot a 5 shot group T 50yds with this ammo that measured .130ctc. A BIC ink pen almost covers all 5 shots. I shot another one that day that measured .175ctc. I strongly recommend this KIDD barrel to anyone who wants exceptional accuracy.
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Reviewed by:  from Jackson, MO. on 3/6/2016
5 Stars
Love it!
I had this barrel for 2 years. I shot the cheap Remington Golden Bullet at 50 years and carved out the bullseye every time I took my 10/22 to the range. I just replaced this barrel with the ultra lightweight barrel by Kidd. The one con for me was the weight: I had the 20" barrel.
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Reviewed by:  from Chantilly, Virginia. on 12/2/2014
5 Stars
Just got back from the range to shoot my custom 10/22. I had a Kidd Match Bull Barrel and Bolt.....no misfires and the shot groups were great. Zeroed out to 100 yards and AWESOME.
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 5 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Falcon , CO. on 5/31/2014

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