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Customize the Ruger® 10/22®

Comprehensive Do-It-Yourself Guide to Upgrading America's Favorite .22

By James E. House & Kathleen A. House

"The accuracy delivered by the Kidd barrel is simply outstanding. For the seven types of ammunition tested, the overall average is only 0.52 inch, and that includes a large number of groups that were in the 0.3-0.4 inch range. When the 0.74-inch average for CCI Green Tag is deleted, the overall average drops to only 0.49 inch. There is no doubt that even this value does not represent the true potential of this fine barrel. The scope, although an excellent one, is only a 7X model, and no attempt was made to alter bedding, screw tension, etc. When used on a highly tuned rifle, we believe that the Kidd barrel would easily deliver groups in the 0.2-0.3 inch range. A custom 10/22® configured using the components described is a precision shooting device." pg 257-259.

Ruger® 10/22® with a Kidd Stainless 0.092" Barrel, Revival Industries Yukon Stock, Hornet Trigger, and Leupold 2-7X Rimfire Scope.

Type of Ammunition Smallest Largest Average
CCI Green Tag 0.53 1.00 0.74
Eley Match 0.32 0.77 0.53
Federal Ultra Match 0.23 0.88 0.54
Lapua Super Club 0.30 0.60 0.41
Remington/Eley Target Rifle 0.37 0.57 0.51
SK Jagd Standard Plus 0.37 0.56 0.46
Winchester T22 0.49 0.60 0.56
Wolf Match Target 0.28 0.58 0.40
overall average 0.52

Chart from page 258

Summary of Accuracy Testing of Customized Rifles

Group Size, In.
Barrel Trigger Stock Scope Best 3* Best 1 *
Adams & Bennett Blue 0.92" Jard Fajen T.H. Weaver V-16 0.51 0.51
Butler Creek Blue Fluted 0.92" Kidd Hogue OM Waver V-16 0.57 0.47
Butler Creek Blue 0.92" Hornet Butler Cr. Comp. Leupold RF 0.61 0.55
Green Mountain Aero 0.92" Kidd Hogue OM Weaver V-16 0.68 0.67
Green Mountain Blue 0.92" Jard Cabela's T.H. Weaver V-16 0.48 0.47
Jarvis Blue Std Wt. Kidd Mod. Factory Weaver V-16 0.46 0.34
Jarvis S.S. Std Wt. Volq. Hogue OM Scheels Pr. RF 0.48 0.43
Kidd S.S. 0.92" Hornet Rev. Ind. Yukon Leupold RF 0.42 0.40
Lilja S.S. Std. Wt. Volq. Hogue OM Scheels Pr. RF 0.51 0.48
Magnum Research Carbon 0.92" Hornet B & C Anschutz Leupold RF 0.64 0.59
Majestic Arms Aluma-Lite 0.92" Factory Hogue OM Weaver V-16 0.54 0.49
Majestic Arms Aluma-Lite 0.92" Jard B & C Odyssey Weaver V-16 0.51 0.49
Ranch Products S.S. Muz. Wt. Hornet Factory Carbine Leupold RF 0.58 0.52
Shaw S.S. Fluted Std. Wt. Kidd Mod. Factory Weaver V-16 0.62 0.56
Shilen Blue 0.92" Jard B & C Odyssey Cabela's RF 0.52 0.48
Shilen S.S. 0.92" Volq. B & C Anschutz Scheels Pr. RF 0.45 0.43
Tactical Solutions Camo 0.92" Hornet McMillan Leupold RF 0.69 0.59
Tactical Solutions Green 0.92" Hornet Butler Cr. Comp. Leupold RF 0.79 0.70
Volquartsen S.S. Muz. Wt. Volq. Hogue OM Scheels Pr. RF 0.54 0.52
Whistle Pig Fluted 0.92" Hornet Rev. Ind. Yukon Leupold RF 0.60 0.57
Factory Carbine Factory Factory BSA Air Rifle 0.87 0.78
Factory Rifle Factory Factory Simmons RF 0.73 0.68
Factory Compact Factory Factory Cabela's RF 0.82 0.81
Factory Lipsey's Factory Factory Scheels Pr. RF 0.98 0.87
Factory Target Factory Factory Cabela's Outfitters 0.56 0.45

*Average Size of five 5-shot groups with the three best performing types of ammunition.

**Average size of five 5-shot groups with the best performing type of ammunition.

Abbreviations: S.S.=Stainless Steel: Muz. Wt.=Muzzle Weighted; OM=OverMolded; T.H.=Thumbhole; RF=Rimfire; Pr.=Premier; B&C=Bell & Carlson; Comp.=Composite; Mod.=Modified.

Scopes used were the BSA3-12x AO Air Rifle; Cabela's 3-9X Rimfire; Cabela's Outfitter 6-20X AO; Leupold 2-7X Rimfire; Scheels Premier 4-12X Rimfire: Simmons 22 Mag 3-9X AO; and Weaver V-16 4-16X AO.

Chart from page 277

"The best performing ammunition was most often SK Jagd Standard Plus, Eley Match, Remington/Eley Target, Lapua Super Club, Wolf Match Target, or Federal Ultra Match" pg.276

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