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Ruger 10-22 "trigger job" kit
Ruger 10-22 trigger kit upgrade for the Ruger 10/22 trigger

Ruger 10-22 "trigger job" kit

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Upgrade your OEM Ruger 10-22 trigger with our "trigger job" kit. This kit will replace your 3 to 4 pound Ruger trigger break with a trigger pull weight as low as 1 3/4 pounds with a very clean break.  This ruger 10 22 hammer kit replaces your internal hammer, sear, disconnect with precision aftermarket parts.  

In order to produce this fine of a break, we have affixed the hammer bushings and fitted a hammer pin. We have also assembled the sear, disconnect, and trigger blade for proper tuning and ease of assembly. When using our kit you must not mix and match our pieces with other aftermarket or OEM hammers, sears, disconnects, or trigger blades in order to achieve the clean break you desire. This entire kit will drop into your Ruger 10/22 plastic trigger guard well within 20 minutes from start to finish.  If you are looking for more of a complete drop-in unit we have the Complete Ruger 10-22 Polymer Guard for $175, Single Stage Ruger 10-22 Trigger for $235, and the Two Stage Ruger 10-22 Trigger for $290.

This Ruger 10/22 "trigger job" kit comes with: 
- KIDD hammer with fitted bushings on either side and fitted pin 
- KIDD sear, KIDD disconnect, KIDD trigger blade assembly with disconnected pin, overtravel adjustment screw, sear pin and slay sear pin for ease of assembly 

 There is no need to disassemble any parts of the Ruger 10/22 "trigger job" kit. Simply follow the step by step instructions below and you will be a gunsmith too. 

Installation directions: 

Before installation of the Ruger 10/22 "trigger job" kit, make sure gun is unloaded and safety is on. Also, make sure the safety works and trigger is in working condition. 

1. First, you must remove the trigger assembly from the receiver. 
2. Click safety off to fire. With hand over hammer, de-cock the hammer. Pull hammer forward to remove hammer strut spring assembly. 
3. Remove upper ejector and bolt hold open pin to release bolt hold open spring and ejector. Slightly push magazine latch pin enough to release bolt hold open. (Magazine latch pin may easily fall out.) After removing bolt hold open, slide pin back in to keep magazine latch secured. Push hammer pin out to remove hammer and spring. 
 4. Place trigger guard upside down on a flat surface. Hold back trigger blade as you slide out trigger pin with the other hand. (Holding trigger blade back keeps plunger spring from flying out.) Flip trigger guard back over. Trigger should only have safety, magazine latch and magazine latch plunger intact. 

1. While holding plunger in place, drop trigger unit in guard with trigger blade on the bottom. Align the trigger pivot hole with the slay pin. (Slay pin is the small pin within the drop in trigger unit.) Using the smaller dowel pin provided, slide into trigger pivot hole removing slay pin. (Slay pin should also easily slide out.) 
2. To install hammer, place spring over bushing on right side of hammer with crooked end of spring on top and slide into guard with the groove facing down. Slide in larger dowel pin provided to secure hammer in place. 
3. Slightly slide out magazine latch pin to replace bolt hold open. Slide spring over so that the crooked end lands on top of bolt hold open. Pull hammer forward to drop in hammer spring with the retainer end going into hole in rear end of trigger guard (slit facing up). Cock hammer into place. Put safety on. 
4. Push down straight end of spring to slide in dowel pin while also putting ejector back into place. Trigger is ready to be installed back into receiver.
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Rating Essential upgrade !
I just installed the Kidd "trigger job" on my 10/22 sporter. Night and day difference in the trigger which is now light, crisp and has no over travel. Online tutorial made the installation easy. All the reviews on this are correct and this upgrade is well worth the cost. Thank you T.Kidd and Company.
  Reviewed by:   from W Seneca. on 8/8/2014
Rating Mr
I was in two minds about ordering this product, as in the UK there is but one distributor and the cost equates to over $210 dollars! However, after reading the reviews I took a gamble and have been delighted. It honestly feels like a different gun. Nice light trigger and very crisp. Haven't been able to get down the range yet, but cannot resist dry firing. Well worth the exorbitant price.
  Reviewed by:   from UK. on 6/15/2014
Rating All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!
Ordered this kit for my 10/22 with ATI 6 position and sidefolder stock. As usual the factory trigger was the stink. Did the install and off to the range. WHAT A SWEET TRIGGER!! Smooth as glass, no creep, no stacking. Just make contact with the trigger, give it a very gentle bit of pressure, and pow, shot fired. I shot it from a rest by just pulling the trigger against the weight of the gun. What a great trigger. Buy it, shoot it, repeat. Thanks to all of the folks at Kidd!!!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Texas. on 3/12/2014
Rating The Best
I received this kit as a Christmas gift 2013. I replaced a brand "V" with this kit. I also replaced the bolt with Tony's Bolt. My group size went from .400" ten shot group to .250" ten shot group at 25 meters. I am thrilled with Kidd components. I only wish I could post yhe photographic proof. Of you are trying to decide on brand, save yourself time , money and trouble. Buy Kidd, you'll be glad you did. Keith
  Reviewed by:   from Buford Ga.. on 1/12/2014
Rating Exceeded all expectations
Outstanding! Fast shipping, great support. Exceeded all expectations for quality,fix, and function. DRASTIC improvement over stock trigger. Can not recommend trigger & Kidd shipping support more... Fantastic!!!!
  Reviewed by:   from Florida. on 1/11/2014
Rating Wow!
Been working on guns for about 5 decades and finally got too lazy to do it myself. Bought the trigger kit but never really expected the truly great results I got. Figured I would have to do a little touch-up work to get what I wanted. Simply wasn't necessary. No doubt the best trigger kit on the market. There is simply no need to do anything but install it. To say I am pleased is a great understatement. Harvey
  Reviewed by:   from Waverly, NY. on 9/8/2013
Rating Top shelf quality, first class machining.
This kit is identical to the drop-in poly kit that KIDD sells except you do the install yourself into your own trigger housing. For the price difference (about $90), it's beyond a fantastic deal. The trigger drops tight in, and the hammer couldn't be easier to position and pin down. Add the KIDD auto bolt release and the whole package took me less that 10 minutes to install and have back in the gun. No joke—and this was the first time I ever had the trigger group apart. And the results are simply spectacular. The feel is perfect, with a crisp, instantaneous break. The addition of the long mag release lever is a perfect compliment to the trigger group. You really can't go wrong with any KIDD products—I'm sold, and looking forward to more KIDD parts in my 10/22.
  Reviewed by:   from North Aurora. on 8/5/2013
Rating What an awesome trigger!
WOW! Fast shipping as always, and ease of installation. No hiccups during the process. I ordered the tuning springs also and went with the 2 1/4# return spring. Trigger pull is light and breaks crisp. Will definitely order another when I acquire another 10/22.
  Reviewed by:   from Denver, CO. on 8/1/2013
Rating MR
  Reviewed by:   from KENTUCKY. on 7/17/2013
Rating Great Kit!
Better than all the other kits on the market, easy to install. took less than 30 minutes. Will be buying from you guys again!
  Reviewed by:   from Califrnia. on 7/7/2013
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