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Ruger 10-22 Bolt Buffer
10-22 bolt buffer accessory

Ruger 10-22 Bolt Buffer

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This 10-22 accessory is a must have!  This inexpensive upgrade is a great addition to your Ruger 10-22 rifle.  
The Viton tubing covering the steel dowel pin:
  • Eliminates "Bolt-Battering" of the receiver
  • Dampens cycling vibrations
Installation instructions:
To install the buffer into a receiver after the cocking handle and bolt are installed.  First install the Viton tubing beginning from the center and guiding it through the right and left side.  Then thread/push the dowel pin through the center of the tubing.

Packaging includes:
one buffer
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Rating Kidd Bolt Buffer
Amazing product. Got this and the auto bolt release and both work flawlessly. Will definitely use Kidd for my 10/22 accessories.
  Reviewed by:   from Arthur, IA. on 3/2/2014
Rating Best bolt buffer!!
I had tried a couple of the other aftermarket buffers and they were effective. I read some of the other reviews on KIDD products and ordered one of these and it is excellent. The best one I have had so far.
  Reviewed by:   from Unadilla, NE. on 2/24/2014
Rating 100%
A must have for every 10/22.
  Reviewed by:   from Coatesville Pennsylvania. on 2/7/2014
Rating Carpenter
Bought it for the wifes gun for x-mas, had a chance to shoot it myself and let me tell you I am jealous. So quiet and smooth, love it a must have for sure.
  Reviewed by:   from Mass. on 1/1/2014
Rating 10/22 bolt buffer
Makes a stock 10/22 feel so much better. When i pull the bolt back it just bumps. As before it would make a CLANK as you pull back on the bolt. So much nicer. next I need a bolt. as soon as the wife will let me spend the money I'm on it.
  Reviewed by:   from Phoenix AZ.. on 12/27/2013
Rating KIDD Bolt Buffer
Have used several other 10/22 Bolt Buffers but feel this is the best. The difference between the stock Ruger part and the KIDD is obvious. Much less noise which relates to less abuse on the action and bolt.
  Reviewed by:   from Gold Beach, Oegon. on 11/13/2013
Rating dr
Received my Ruger 10-22 bolt Buffer the second day after shipping. Installed with very little trouble. Released immediately that the noise of bolt going back was reduced dramatically. Will go to range later but have no doubts on final results. A must as for as I am concerned.
  Reviewed by:   from Tenple. TX. on 9/26/2013
Rating Bolt Buffer
Awesome difference in the noise level of my stock 10/22 and a much smoother bolt movement
  Reviewed by:   from lebanon, oregon. on 4/11/2013
Rating Best Bolt Buffer Available
This bolt buffer does what any other bolt buffer does. The differences are this one is cheaper, easier to install, and made of better materials. The rubber is the same stuff used to make O-rings, which usually only fail after being exposed to extreme heat and pressure over long periods of time. For this application, I don't think it will ever wear out.
  Reviewed by:   from South Carolina. on 3/24/2013
Rating A better Mousetrap
A have a few 10/22's and they all have different polymer bolt buffers. All the non-metal bolt buffers quiet the action and help with long term fatigue. What I believe this product does much better than others is to reduce the perceived recoil by adding a better cushion at the end of the bolt travel. The little bit of cushion this offers does make a difference. All of my other buffers will be switched out with this product.
  Reviewed by:   from Republic, Missouri. on 3/24/2013
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