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KIDD .22LR Fluted Stainless Steel Rifle Bull Barrel
Fluted 22 bull barrel

KIDD .22LR Fluted Stainless Steel Rifle Bull Barrel

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  • Aftermarket 10/22 FLUTED BULL barrel
  • Slip-fit design
  • HAND LAPPED individually
  • 11 degree crown, 1:16 twist, convex extractor slot
  • Muzzle threading available 1/2" - 28
Barrel Weights:
20" SS Fluted barrel = 3 pounds 1 ounce
18" SS Fluted Barrel = 3 pounds
16.5" SS Fluted Barrel = just under 3 pounds

Our aftermarket replacement for the .22LR Fluted Stainless Steel Bull Barrel is one of the best looking barrels on the market and performs with the expected KIDD Quality. The fluting enhancement in a .22 rimfire is more of an aesthetic or cosmetic feature rather than for cooling purposes. But this refined barrel doesn't just look good it is also guaranteed to group 1/2" at 50 yards. This bull barrel will slip into your factory 10/22 receiver or other aftermarket 10/22 receiver.
We believe these are the finest barrels on the market, each one is hand lapped. Our stainless steel barrel is bored and rifled by Lothar Walther in Germany. Tony Kidd then performs all the final machining to make our match barrel a worthy KIDD product. A proprietary chamber reamer is used to ensure the cartridge and bullet feed smoothly. Our barrels are chambered to accept .22 LR ammo and have a 1:16 twist. Our muzzle threading is 1/2"-28 and is available with a protective cap or muzzle brake.

The unique convex extractor slot eliminates extraction problems by ensuring the extractor is always in perfect alignment with the case rim. Why doesn't everybody use this extractor slot? Because the tooling is very expensive and requires tolerances be held very close for proper machining. Each barrel receives an 11 degree crown and the double ring logo at the muzzle.
We can offer such a great price on this barrel because we don't sell to distributors, only retail and dealer pricing are offered, therefore we don't have to increase our price to compensate for 3 tier pricing. There are cheaper barrels out there but as with all KIDD products, "you get what you pay for."

Avoiding "barrel droop":
First and foremost barrel droop is eliminated with a solid fit between the barrel and the receiver. If the barrel slips in too easily then the shooter should already be aware that there is not a secure fit and gravity will start doing her work immediately. Or if the barrel tenon is not the same diameter throughout the length then a teeter totter effect is set in motion. For instance if the breach end of the tenon is smaller than the shoulder end the weight of the barrel will "pull" the barrel down and barrel droop is created. Or if the breach end of the tenon is larger than the shoulder end then as the tenon is installed in the mortise the breach carves a larger hole and again a teeter totter effect is created as the smaller shoulder end of the tenon sits is a hole that is too large. This same effect would happen if the middle of the barrel tenon was enlarged.

KIDD eliminated barrel droop with the utilization of a resistance fit in this mortise and tenon joint, meaning that the KIDD barrel tenon is just slightly larger in diameter than the KIDD receiver mortise and we make absolutely certain that the tenon is the same diameter throughout the length.

Another problem area to be aware of is the proper utilization of the shoulder. If the shoulder of the barrel does not set flush against the receiver then again the support isn't there. Comparable to setting down a tall glass with a convex bottom, it wants to tilt. We make certain that the shoulder created between the .920" diameter and our tenon is precise. This requires specialty cutting tools to create a very clean step. But if done with less care there will be a ramp rather than a step between these two differing diameters. This ramp will not support the necessary weight and will prevent the shoulder of the barrel from sitting flush against the receiver.

When this barrel fitment is secure we recommend the v-block screws just need to be snug, around 10 inch pounds, which is just snug enough to keep the barrel from moving forward, but not too tight to pull the barrel out of alignment.

Barrel installation:

Depending on your receiver, if there is paint build up in the receiver mortise be sure to scrape that out. We recommend using an anti-seize compound to assist in installation. Anti-seize is readily available at automotive stores. It is best if you can get the barrel tenon started into the receiver mortise, then turn it over and tap the back of the receiver with a rubber mallet. Be sure to line the extractor slot up as you are installing the barrel. Your barrel is ready to shoot, just run two magazines through it before you really start looking at group size. Do this each time you change brands of ammunition as well. Keep the chamber clean, but don't clean the bore too much you will decrease accuracy. Depending on the ammo, clean the bore around every 500 rounds.

Customer Reviews View All Reviews
I ordered this barrel threaded in 20" polished w/ Kidd's matching muzzle-break. When I received this item, I thought that Kidd had shipped the wrong barrel because it appeared as though the muzzle-break and barrel were one piece. I could not see where the barrel ended and the muzzle-break started. After giving the muzzle-break a twist, and it threaded off, it became all too clear to me just how perfect the machining is on this unit. It also has a perfect (tight) fit into the Kidd receiver I order to go with this barrel. A couple weeks prior, I also ordered Kidd's 2-stage trigger and bolt w/ charging handle. With all these components together, it is pure perfection! I will never buy a different brand of 10/22 custom components. Even my local FFL has several personal 10/22's that are 100% Kidd components. He swears by them! Recoil buffers, bolt, charging handles, auto bolt releases, trigger group pins, you name it, Kidd makes the best! You have a life-time customer here ....
  Reviewed by:   from Grants Pass, OR. on 1/21/2015
Rating Great Purchase!
I bought this barrel this summer wanting an upgrade from my previous normal factory barrel. It has done extremely well and exceeded my expectations! I have put about 2,000 rounds through this in 3 months and i'm still shooting groupings of about a half inch at 50 yards! If you are looking for a quality barrel than look no further than Kidd.
  Reviewed by:   from Dallas, Texas . on 11/18/2014
Rating ruger 10/22
Listen up fellows! If you want TOP notch, quality, best ruger 10/22 products, then come to kidds web site, do ALL your one stop shopping and build your custom rifle and purely enjoy the pleasure of shooting the best custom ruger your can build, from kids products. This is my second rifle ive built and im so pleased, I wouldn't even consider ANY other companys products
  Reviewed by:   from ripley, tn. on 9/12/2014
Rating 20" Fluted Bull Barrel made perfectly
There isn't much else to say, Kidd has been top of the line from what i have seen. this is superior quality. All my other friends have other manufacturers Barrels and my Kidd puts them to same all day in performance and quality. Best purchase I have made the attention to detail is amazing from the barrel threads to the Chamber reamer. this is a must have part for anyone who is serious about there weapon.
  Reviewed by:   from Parker Colorado. on 5/27/2014
Rating KIDD 16.5 Fluted Match Ruger 10/22 Barrel top notch
Picked up a KIDD 16.5 Fluted Match Ruger 10/22 Barrel and put it on my build. Outstanding barrel with the utmost in quality workmanship. Finished rifle sight in process produced 25 yard target groups which were very respectable. The smallest 5 shot group was 1/4" and also logged a 10 shot 1/2" group with no flyers. Anxious to put this baby on paper when the barrel is broke in.
  Reviewed by:   from Gold Beach, Oregon. on 11/13/2013
Rating High quality
Ordered mine 20" high polished with muzzle break.The fit,finish,and quality of the barrel are unmatched to any other I have seen.No joke,1 hole 5 shot groups at 50 yards.Worth twice what they charge.
  Reviewed by:   from Grove,Ok. on 8/22/2013
Rating 16.5", Fluted Match Barrel, Bead Blasted
Nice piece of work. No issues with installation. Looks great. I ran about 100 rounds through it before I got serious. Using a 9X scope on a bench, my groupings at 100 yards with the Kidd barrel are as good as my groupings at 50 yards with the original tapered barrel. At 50 yards or less I just tare out the bulleye. I'm also using a Kidd trigger kit and Bolt buffer. Great stuff, well made and thought out.
  Reviewed by:   from South Jersey. on 6/9/2013
Rating Fluted Match barrelsssssss..........
It's about time I commented on Kidd's Match barrels. I have (5) Kidd's, and tried numerous others. When I want to try something different I keep coming back to the Kidd barrels. I guess that say's I think there one of the best out there. Will still be buying another before long.
  Reviewed by:   from Fenwick, MI. on 2/22/2013
Rating Fluted match barrel
I am a marine Vietnam veteran. I may be old but your only as good as your equipment so I decided to upgrade my ruger 10/22 for my grandkids. I did a lot of research and went with the Kidd barrel; this was a great decision. I am hitting hole after hole at 50 yards. This is one great product! I have bought other Kidd products and have been satisfied with all of them. I am now waiting on my firing pin. Thank you again for such a great product!
  Reviewed by:   from Michigan. on 12/26/2012
Rating 18" Fluted Bull Barrel
Well after doing weeks of research for a new 10/22 barrel. I finally come to buy one of KIDDS. And after my range test im very glad I did. An lets just say there's only one word to describe the craftmenship of this barrel. An that's "beautiful". And the accuracy of this barrel is more then great. I can put (DIME) sized groups at 50 yards all day long with my CCI Velocitors. I havnt tried anything past 50 yet but Im 100% sure it'll rag them together at 75 to 100. The shipping time and packaging was fast and secure. I will diffly use KIDD again and again. Thanks.
  Reviewed by:   from Augusta, AR. on 6/9/2012
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